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Extraction & Distillation Virtual Conference

Times, sessions and speakers are subject to change.

12:10 PM – 1:10 PM
How to Build Out and Set Up a Processing Lab/Facility
Building a successful cannabis processing/extraction facility requires technical, market and business expertise. Our panel of experts has experience designing, building and operating butane, CO2, ethanol and solventless labs. They will discuss how understanding the competition, product formulation, extraction methods, and technical equipment for this type of operation can help you make the right choices and set you up for success. Additionally, our panel will delve into best practices for launching and managing a processing lab facility, including economic considerations such as estimating and adding efficiencies to the process, determining overall costs and projecting margins.

1:10 PM – 1:30 PM
Cannasure Insurance Services Sponsor Presentation
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1:30 PM – 2:15 PM
Vetting Your Vendors
As the cannabis industry continues to mature, it is more important than ever to move toward a controlled quality management protocol when it comes to purchasing any item in a finished consumer packaged good (CPG). From vaporization hardware to biomass inputs, the control and oversight of these third-party suppliers can make or break the success of an emerging or expanding extraction facility. This panel discussion will outline some lessons learned when it comes to identifying the vendor standards that will help your business success for the long haul.

2:15 PM – 2:35 PM
Brand Building with Solventless Concentrates
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In this focused mini presentation, business owners will learn how premium solventless concentrates such as live rosin, full melt ice water hash, and their related infused products can be leveraged to build cachet with connoisseurs. Listeners will also be given a vast array of in-depth resources to pursue and the opportunity to ask questions about solventless extraction, one of the hottest topics in processing today.